News November 2015

If you've been keeping a close eye on certain twitter/facebook/hipster/insta/post-social media accounts in recent weeks
you may have picked up rumours that we're about to relaunch Valentine Records

Rumour control: everything you've heard is true - and more. We will reveal all between now and December 31st, but needless
to say, 2016 will be the biggest/most exciting in the 14 years we've been a label - we are very excited about all the changes/
projects - but if you scroll right down to the bottom of the 'old news' holding page you'll see we promised (back in January) that
'when we return it won't be as you expect'

We're about to prove it. In a big way

In the meantime, two excellent gigs - one featuring Mark Corrin and St Lucifer, along with very special guests
the other seeing St Lucifer support the legendary Vic Godard and Subway Sect!

Raise the curtains/blaze the trails/something big is coming...

Mark Corrin: EP9 - Nocturne

"This one is as dark as a dark thing on a very dark night in darksville, united states of dark
Heaviest in the series so far - it's positively Black Metal in places - but still possesses a unique and melodic charm"


EP9 can be downloaded here.

Mark Corrin: EPs 5-8

...and we're 2/3rds of the way there - From Mark himself: 'A slightly darker offering than the others, channeling John Carpenter and Tricky a bit here!
First two tracks are variations on a theme, opener has vocals, track two is an extended dub / soundtrack remix, track three is back in Burial/BOC kind of terrain...'

Followed rapidly by EP#7 - A genuine solo effort this time from Mr Corrin - and one with a distinctlty down-tempo/instrumental/ambient vibe.
Live outings of Mark's recent material are rumoured to be imminent - watch this space!

And here’s Number Six!!! Yet another new vibe - this one is about vineyards. Not Windmills. The vineyard is below the Windmill. This is an important distinction.
EP7 will be with us before you know it… Mr Corrin is really hitting his stride with these now…

Fifth in the ongoing series of EPs by Mark Corrin - The latest instalment being a collaboration with Rose Niland (of Rose and the Diamond Hand)
who Mark regularly performs bass with live.

Yet another new musical blend on offer this month - if the cover is anything to go by, expect something with a slightly more sinister tone…

The Gone Wait: Self Titled

A brand new project. Deconstructed (devolved?) Blues, which appears to feature (former?) members of Babyslave and/or
a Jandek-tribute act. This was recorded quickly and sounds nothing like anything we've released previously.
It may also be part of something a lot more substantial. Confessional. Abstract. Dark. Possibly Atonal. Either way, it involves some particularly brutal harmonica playing...

The Gone Wait - Self Titled can be downloaded here.

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