Valentine 074 – Pope Innocent X!

popeinnocentx  valentine074 inner

Started in 2008, completed in 2014. Not a bad (lost) weekend’s work…

Pope Innocent X - a twisted electro/blues/grind-house classic – filtered in single malt and a mid-life crisis of Grinderman proportions…

It is not a Shirokuma LP
It is not a Lucifer/Ladyboy LP
It’s not even a combination of the two

It’s something else entirely… Better late than never……..Another Round perchance?

Valentine 074 – Pope Innocent X is out now – you can listen and download here

Babyslave – Kill For Dada

album4  SONY DSC

As promised, the fourth Babyslave LP Kill For Dada is now with us. 12 new tracks – including recent singles Grit In Your Oyster and Nordic Princess - the album also contains a diverse range of industrial/pop/electro/cabaret/jazz – as well as a full-choir version of John Denver’s classic Take Me Home (Country Roads)

Streaming soundclips below – with the full album available here



Valentine 073 – Babyslave – Nordic Princess EP

   075 800x800

Our first new release of 2014 – hopefully worth the wait (there will be several more to follow in the coming weeks/months)

Babyslave return with a trailer EP for their fourth album: Kill For Dada – due out in a fortnight’s time. The album features 12 new tracks (including the ‘a-side’ of this EP + a reworking of last year’s one-off single Grit In Your Oyster)

‘Other’ tracks this time around are a brand new piano version of All My Dead Friends (the original of which appeared way back on the bands second LP The Arc Delirium in 2009), a self-made remix of The Truth Will Out (from Kill For Dada) and a 6-minute motorik/krautrock live-jam – naturally entitled The Rise and Fall of Percy Grainger

You can listen to and download the new EP here

Meanwhile, Babyslave have just relaunched their website to coincide with the new album – including links to Soundcloud where you can preview both releases…

Site Relaunch, Desertshore and more…

desertshore flyerscaledWelcome back! This is the new, relaunched Valentine Records website (circa April 2014) – We figured it was a while since we last refreshed the site, so this time we’ve gone for a complete redesign – hope you like it!

First up, we’ve got several new releases on the way: including LPs by Babyslave and Shirokuma, as well as some brand new treats (scroll down for details). We’re also thrilled to announce that the fantastic Kurt Dirt will be releasing some new ‘product’ with us in the coming months.

On the live front, we can also unveil details of our new night: Desertshore – which kicks off at the Zombie Shack in Manchester on Saturday May 10th. Lots more details and advanced tickets can be found in the new Events section here.

Last but not least, we’ve updated all the artist pages (past and present), as well as uploading an extensive archive of images, video and info on past releases: ‘Sit right down and pour yourself a drink’…  Speaking of which, there’s a few interesting reissues on the way (a couple of past favourites that have been out of print for far too long)… More soon

Valentine 073: Pope Innocent X!

popeinnocentxOk, enough is enough. This little ‘artefact’ has been under lock and key for FAR too long.

Originally recorded in 2008 as a one-off collaboration between Messrs Lucifer and Shirokuma, the resulting LP was self-censored (Kubrick style) by the artists – in spite of the wonderful artwork – courtesy of the immensely talented Mia Hague

Make no mistake, this is not an album that pulls many (or indeed any) punches.  It’s grumpy, difficult and under the (probably deluded) impression it’s an  ‘Electro Grinderman’  record – two slightly bitter older gentlemen kicking against the proverbial pricks – Kind of Nick Cave meets The Normal.

Pope Innocent X are available for weddings, funerals, bar-mitzvahs and children’s parties of all ages.   Worst of all, now that this (jazz drenched) cat is finally out of the bag, they’re threatening to record a sequel…

Back to the present Pope Innocent X (the first LP) will be released through Valentine Records in May

Singles Club 2013

061splash 062splash 063splash 064splash 065splash 066splash 067splash 068splash 069splash 070splash 071splash 072splash

Well, there we go – another year ends: Valentine Records 2013 Singles Club! 12 singles released throughout the year – each featuring a different artist with an exclusive a-side backed up by a weird-and-wonderful cover version.

Rounding up the series we have wildly different contributions from Petrol Bastard (who you may recall from their suitably incendiary appearance during last year’s live TAGO>MAGO series), along with one-half-of-Octobuse/solo-artist-in-own-right AND graphic designer of the entire 12-strong singles club: the wonderful Mita Lupa

Last but not least, December (with it’s suitably wintery themes) we had no doubts from the off that Mr Neil Milton would be the artist to deliver a suitable closing edition for the series

B-side cover versions are (drum roll): Mita Lupa – Charlotte Gainbourg’s Trick Pony (as penned by Beck) Petrol Bastard’s take on Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty (no, seriously) and, lastly Neil’s take on the seasonal/traditional In Dulce Jubilo

The entire singles club can now be downloaded here:

Valentine 059 – Joe Ladyboy – Playboy Logic

logicheaderFour years and a couple of (life changing) sabbaticals later – the third (and allegedly final) LP from label manager/tea-boy/occasional 10th Doctor impersonator Joe Ladyboy is finally here and among us.

Playboy Logic (for that is it’s name) takes it’s cues from both it’s predecessors (2006′s ‘Mekano Disco‘ and 2009′s ‘Excursions‘) and then throws several hundred new ideas into the mix. Thirteen tracks (with various uncredited segues/intros/outros) in 39 minutes this, in spite of it’s meandering gestation is not a record that waits around to make it’s point.

Collaborations this time out include new friends and old faces – not least of all a guest vocal from Damo Suzuki (recorded during last year’s TAGO>MAGO live improv); more instrumentation than your average BBC Prom; fleeting cameos from Iggy Pop, Mitt Romney, Brian Clough (or possibly not) and Neil Young’s first synthesizer

Valentine 059 can be downloaded now here